Bedroom Collection: Dinec Earth


Established in 1991, Dinec is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in design, conception, production, assembling, finishing of medium to high-end furniture using North American solid birch. Our unique merchandising concept enhances your success in selling quality, personalized dining, bedroom and entertainment furniture. The option to mix and match a variety of styles, colors, finishes and fabrics allows the customer to create a one-time product. Visionary and committed towards its clientele, Dinec, with its personalization concept, is able to create new and innovative contemporary, modern, traditional and country designs.

Our Mission

To produce high quality personalized furniture for our clients, to their specifications, to help create their dream ambiance.

Our Passion for Wood

Created by nature, each tree has its own distinctive lines, characteristics, and texture responding individually to the staining and finishing process. This is what gives each piece of wooden furniture its own unique exclusive charm adding warmth and richness to any room.

Our Production Process

Our production is based on a concept called «Lean and agile manufacturing». This Japanese concept is an adaptation to today’s market. This process of production allows us to rapidly respond to all demands, making Dinec a client-driven company. This concept of production enables us to maintain our inventory of finished products at zero, therefore allowing for a quick response to market demands without creating an overflow of finished products that are no longer in demand.

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